When it comes to selecting website hosting for your business it can be extremely overwhelming, It can be tempting just to go with the company that offers the cheapest price.

Whilst they may be cheaper it doesn’t necessarily mean they are better, below are some of the points you need to consider:

Website Speed

Website speed is critical,  research shows that approximately 40% of visitors to your site will go elsewhere if your site takes more than 3 seconds to load.  If you host your website outside of Australia speed may be an issue.

Server maintenance usually happens overnight

If you host in Australia, maintenance will normally take place overnight so your Australian customers will not be affected by any downtime due to maintenance. However if your website host is located overseas maintenance may potentially take place during the peak times your potential customers are visiting your website – which isn’t ideal.

Technical support in your timezone

Having tech support operating in the same timezone as you will make life easier! I mean think about it, if you have a tech issue and due to the timezone difference you need to wait hours before the tech team can come online – this can be a nightmare!

Any delays in fixing issues with your website can ultimately result in lost leads, sales, and ultimately financial loss.

Improved SEO

Search engines will favour Australian-hosted sites, if your host is located outside Australia your website will appear lower down in search results. 

Support local businesses

By hosting locally, you support local businesses, just like us. 

Top tips on what to look for in website hosting

  1. What technical support do they provide? Is live support and phone support available 
  2. How much space is included in the plan
  3. How many websites are included
  4. Is the initial price the same as the renewal price – some hosts do an introductory price and then increase on the next renewal
  5. Can you upgrade or downgrade at any time?
  6. Are back ups included?

To find out more about website hosting, check out our maintenance plans or reach out to us