As small business owners, we understand the challenges of delivering projects within time and budget constraints. Managing a team of professionals, coordinating tasks, and keeping everyone on the same page can be a struggle. At Payneless Media, we’ve overcome these challenges by using a variety of productivity tools. Here are our top 5 systems that we use on a daily basis to streamline our workflow and increase efficiency.

Here are 5 of the tools that we use on a daily basis:

ClickUp – The Ultimate Project Management Tool for Small Businesses

A complete project management solution like ClickUp makes it simple to arrange tasks, establish due dates, and monitor progress. It’s a full-featured solution for small business teams, with tools like Gantt charts, calendars, and task lists. By centralising all tasks, due dates, and progress information, this application aids in the solution of project management issues, ensuring that projects are completed on schedule and within budget


Slack – Effortless Communication for Small Business Teams

You can build channels for particular projects and teams using the messaging tool Slack. This makes keeping up with all of your tasks easier. For small company teams, it’s a need with features like file sharing, screen sharing, and search capabilities. Slack gives our staff a central location to communicate and remain updated on all of our projects, which helps us address the issues with communication.

Loom – A Simple Solution for Screen Recordings

With only a few clicks, you can capture your screen and share it with others using Loom. We frequently use it for both client training and team briefings because it is perfect for both. It’s a user-friendly application for small company teams with capabilities like webcam recording, voice-over, and annotations. By offering a simple method for producing and disseminating video recordings with our team and clients, Loom assists us in resolving the issues of training and briefing.

Zoom – The Best Video Conferencing Platform for Small Business

Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing system that streamlines online meetings. You can communicate with anybody, anywhere with high-quality audio and video. We use Zoom frequently as a remote team and value its capabilities like screen sharing, recording, and virtual backgrounds. Zoom provides a high-quality video conferencing technology that makes remote work easy and effective, which aids in resolving the issues with virtual meetings.


With the aid of the time monitoring tool Toggl, teams may work more productively and efficiently. You can create reports, keep track of the time spent on tasks and projects, and analyse work patterns to improve workflows. It’s a seamless option for teams in small businesses thanks to interfaces with numerous project management and collaboration applications. Toggl offers a straightforward method for monitoring and analysing the time we spend on tasks and projects, which assists us in resolving the issues with time tracking.

The right tools can really enhance your productivity. Experiment and find the ones that work best for YOU and your team. Here’s to working smarter and not harder in 2023! Get in touch for more productivity tips today.