Google Analytics is changing, the universal analytics (Google Analytics 3) will become obsolete in July 2023, and will be replaced by Google Analytics 4. 

What is Google Analytics 4?

Google Analytics is an analytics tool used to measure and track website performance and traffic. On the other hand, GA4 is the latest Google Analytics that allows you to measure your site’s engagement and traffic. You can use these analytics to influence development, which ensures a well-optimised digital presence.

What’s New in Google Analytics 4?

GA4 comes loaded with quite a few new features that GA3 did not have,  these include the following:

Improved Privacy Controls

Google Analytics 4 was built with privacy in mind. Thanks to its granular data controls, you can have in-depth control of the users you collect data on and how you use it while complying with the General Data Protection Regulation. For example, a new consent mode makes it possible to get consent for both ads and analytics. As a bonus, GA4 enables you to easily handle user data removal requests.

AI-Powered Insights and Predictions

GA4’s AI-powered insights can highlight trends and help you plan your marketing campaigns more effectively. This machine learning technology has the ability to predict potential conversations, sales, and even churn rates. With these insights, you are able to promote the right services and target potential customers.

Event-Based Tracking

While it may take some time to get used to this feature, it gives you a data structure across app and web reports. Instead of using page users, views, and sessions, you will now learn how to speak in parameters and events.

Spam Prevention

If you have used Google Analytics before, then you know how disruptive spammy traffic can be. Perhaps you occasionally experience a sudden traffic spike or receive lots of traffic from a dubious source. This kind of traffic can wreak havoc on your marketing campaign, making it difficult to collect accurate data. Luckily, GA4 provides a way to address this. Initially, spammers used the so-called Measurement Protocol to send fake data to Google Analytics. Now, the new GA4 can only receive data from hits with a secret key.

Combined App and Web View

Instead of pulling reports from multiple sources, you can consolidate them for quicker creation and delivery.

Should you switch to Google Analytics 4?

Yes! You can set up a GA4 property to run in parallel with Universal Analytics.

Even if you don’t plan on using it right away, collecting data and strengthening your machine learning (ML) models will make future analysis more meaningful.

Better data collection = better-informed marketing strategies.

How do you upgrade to GA4?

The good news is, if we manage your website maintenance we will migrate you over to GA4 so you do not need to do anything!

If however, you do not have a maintenance plan with us, keep an eye out for our upcoming blogs as we will be writing a blog with instructions on how to manage your own GA4 migration in the coming months. Alternatively, you can reach out to us here, any time.