With Christmas and New Years done and dusted for another year it’s now time to get back to business. The beginning of each year is the perfect time to conduct a website audit.  A website audit is essentially a holistic health check of  your website.

Let’s take a closer look at why you should be auditing your website every year, and how to make it happen!

  • Do a content audit
  • Review links
  • View your website in different browsers
  • Test all forms

Do a website audit

Your website is the online store front for your business. So like a bricks and mortar business it should be clean and tidy, with current products,  information and offers visible.

At the start of each year, review every piece of content on your website, including web copy, blog posts and product descriptions. Which products and services are you no longer offering?  Decide whether a piece of content is still of value to potential customers. If it’s not of value to your audience anymore remove it!.

Review links

If your business has been running a website for a long time  then it is likely that some of the information that you are sharing with your customers has changed. Unfortunately, many businesses overlook this, and regularly forgetting to update their links. This can be  frustrating for customers when they keep clicking links that lead to a dead end. This is also something that Google may mark you down on.

To avoid this go through the links on your pages at the start of every year to ensure they are all working. Here is a  free tool to assist

View your website in different browsers

Internet Explorer, Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are updated all the time. You have no idea how those browser updates might affect how your website looks so it’s important to check that your website looks the same and correct across all browsers (and different devices too). Here is free tool which allows you to check your website across multiple browsers

Test all forms

When a form on your website doesn’t work, you’re missing out on a potential sales opportunity. Work through all the forms on your website, fill them out, check they go through and make sure the fonts and all other elements look correct. If you fill out a form and you DO NOT receive anything then you know there is an issue.

All the best for a successful 2022 and if you need any support getting your website ready please do not hesitate to get in touch.