Are you ready to revolutionize your website design? The launch of Divi AI has created a buzz in the web development community and for all the right reasons. Imagine effortlessly generating captivating content and eye-catching images that perfectly match your brand, all thanks to the power of artificial intelligence. Dive into this comprehensive guide to discover the ins and outs of Divi AI and learn how to wield its capabilities to elevate your website and business.

What Divi AI Can Do: A Brief Overview

If you’re new to the concept of Divi AI, get ready to be amazed. This cutting-edge tool isn’t just about automating tasks; it’s about crafting content that resonates with your brand. Here’s a sneak peek of what Divi AI brings to the table:

  • On-Brand, In-Context Content Generation: It taps into your existing website content to produce materials that match your brand’s voice and context.
  • Effortless Image Generation: It can create images for your site based on your content, saving you time and effort.
  • Precision Image Refinement: Fine-tune AI-generated images using prompts and quick actions for pixel-perfect results.
  • Professional Text Generation: From website copy to complete blog posts, it helps you write with finesse, even if you’re not a professional writer.

And that’s just the beginning!

Getting Started With Divi AI

How to Get a Subscription

Before you embark on your Divi AI journey, ensure you have a Divi membership. New to Divi? Simply sign up for a membership, and you’re on your way. Already a Divi user? The Divi AI landing page offers unlimited access, complete with a free trial. Ready to dive in fully? Upgrade to the paid version anytime for unlimited Divi AI usage.

How to Access Divi AI in the Divi Builder

Embrace the convenience of Divi AI built right into the Divi Builder. No installations or activations required. Access Divi AI wherever you can input text or images in the Divi Builder. Seamlessly generate AI content for various elements and modules with ease. From sections to columns, it’s your versatile assistant.

Understanding How Divi AI Learns About Your Website

Divi AI’s magic lies in its understanding of your website’s essence. By comprehending your website data and content, Divi AI generates contextually relevant results. Picture this: you create a page, and Divi AI intuitively populates it with content that aligns with your website’s identity. But how does it do that?

Evaluating Your Website Information

Divi AI taps into your website’s core information, such as the title and tagline. This foundational data is essential for Divi AI to initiate its creative process. As an example, if your site is “Divi Interior Design,” Divi AI conjures content that mirrors your brand’s focus.

Analyzing Page Content for Contextual Results

The wonder of Divi AI extends beyond basic data. As you build your pages, Divi AI delves into your content, allowing it to generate spot-on results. Imagine effortlessly producing content for an entire Email Opt-in Module in a single click. The more you utilize Divi AI, the more it comprehends your content’s nuances.

divi ai image generation

Harnessing Divi AI for Images

Generating Stunning Images with Divi AI

Unleash Divi AI’s image prowess effortlessly. Simply add an image module, click the Divi AI Options button, and choose between “Generate with AI” or “Generate Automatically.” Opt for “Generate Automatically” for contextually relevant images. For precision, choose “Generate with AI” to instruct Divi AI via prompts.

Exploring Divi AI Image Generator Options

Divi AI’s image generation options offer a world of creativity:

  • Image Styles: Choose from 12 styles like Digital Painting or Abstract Art.
  • Image Description: Craft concise, descriptive prompts for optimal results.
  • Reference Image: Use an image as a style reference and control its influence.
  • Aspect Ratio and Size: Ensure your image fits your design seamlessly.

Enhancing Images Using AI Quick Actions

Revamp existing images effortlessly. Click the Divi AI Options button on an image within the Image Upload input box. Opt for options like “Generate with AI” to start anew, or “Improve with AI” to refine an image. Dive into the “Reimagine” option for captivating transformations, allowing you to effortlessly master image enhancement.

divi ai text

Empowering Your Website with Divi AI Text Generation

Automatic Text Generation for Your Site

Welcome Divi AI’s magic into your text modules. Enable “Auto-Generate Text With AI” for instant content that aligns with your website’s essence. Whether it’s a Title or Body, Divi AI brings your site’s language to life.

Fine-tuning Text with Divi AI Text Generator Options

Precision meets AI in the Divi AI Text Generator modal. Tailor content with options like:

  • Content-Type: Specify your text’s purpose, from Paragraphs to Social Media Posts.
  • What are you Writing About?: Describe your content or let Divi AI suggest prompts.
  • Added Context: Define the scope of context for precise content generation.

Use Case: Crafting a Blog Post

Need a blog post? Divi AI has you covered. Define your content type, prompts, and other parameters, then click “Generate Text.” Witness Divi AI crafting a compelling blog post in seconds. Modify, retry, or improve as needed to achieve perfection.

Polishing Text with AI Quick Actions

Refining text is a breeze with Divi AI’s quick actions. Hover over a text input field, click the Divi AI button, and explore options like fixing grammar, shortening text, and more. Let Divi AI elevate your text game effortlessly.

Final Thoughts on Divi AI

Embrace the future of web design with Divi AI. Let it transform the way you craft content, generate images, and breathe life into your website. As you explore Divi AI’s capabilities, you’ll uncover new dimensions of creativity, efficiency, and brand coherence. Dive in, create, and watch your website thrive like never before.


Are you ready to elevate your website design with the power of Divi AI?

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