We heard something the other day that really shocked us. Someone was given the advice not to invest in a website because they ‘are a dead form of advertising’ and they should only set up a Facebook page. Where on Earth did they get this advice, and why would someone say this? These were the first thoughts that popped into our heads. No… websites are not dead, and we’ll walk you through a few of the reasons why.

Websites Are An Investment

Firstly, we’d like to address something – you should stop thinking of a website as an expense and start thinking of it for what it is, an investment. An expense is something that decreases in value as soon as it’s purchased, whereas an investment continues to generate income for you.
Your website is very much a tool that allows you to generate income. If it’s not generating income for you, it may be time to re-address it and find out why. How can it generate income for you? Through the process of converting leads into sales.

Website Conversions

Your website should never be replaced by social media, in fact, social media should only be used to drive traffic to your website (not the other way around). The two platforms work hand in hand to generate and convert leads into sales.
Once a lead is taken to your website you have a chance to convert that lead into a sale. There are a few ways to do this.

Appeal to emotion

Figure out who your ideal customer is and why they need your services, like really dig deep here. Find out every one of their pain points and how you can solve them. Hire a website copywriter to emotionally engage with the audience by not talking about the services you provide, but how you can solve their problems.

Email marketing

An extremely powerful tool on a website is the use of email marketing. After you’ve addressed your customer’s problems you should be able to offer some sort of free solution where they need to provide their email address to access it. Once you have their email address you can start to build and nurture a relationship through email automation.

That’s an entire topic for another day, however, it’s one of the most beneficial forms of inbound marketing available, and it’s FREE.

Be a person

People like doing business with other people. Include contact information on your website that’s easily accessible, and information about the team behind the face of the business.

We don’t see the demise of websites any time soon, particularly with how often this generation consumes information.
The way websites are designed will most likely change in the foreseeable future, but websites as a whole aren’t going anywhere. In fact, we know a lot of people who won’t contact a business if they don’t have a website (*cough cough* including ourselves).
If you’re interested in a new website or a refresher of your current website feel free to get in touch.