Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Melbourne

Creating websites that work in Google

We want you to be found online

All websites we build are Search Engine Friendly

This means that they are built with the intention of being found in Google and other Search Engines. We structure our websites so that the URLs are Search Engine Friendly, we also populate all the relevant metadata including image ALT tags and page title tags.

Search engine optimization, what does it mean?

To put simply, search engine optimization is where a website is ranked in a given search engine based (such as Google) on specific keywords used to search a particular topic.

There is so much involved in this process, but essentially Search Engine Optimization covers on-page optimizations and off-page optimizations. It’s also a long process, SEO is something that’s never ‘finished’.

So why is search engine optimization so important?

Search Engine Optimization provides a website with the ability to be seen quickly and to show up in the earliest results listed when a topic is searched. This is essential these days as most people don’t look past page one or two when trying to find a solution to their problem.