YSG Tailors

Website Re-Design & Development

The Brief

YSG Tailors, an established custom suit tailor, approached us with a challenge. They had an existing website on Shopify, but it just wasn’t cutting it. The website felt clunky and updating it was a constant struggle. On top of that, it failed to accurately represent the true essence of their brand and business. YSG Tailors needed a fresh and revamped website that would truly reflect their identity, enhance the user experience, and showcase their bespoke suit offerings. Additionally, they sought to expand their online presence by adding shopping functionality through WooCommerce and integrations to other third-party systems.

What We Did

Embracing the challenge presented by YSG Tailors, we dove headfirst into the project with a spirit of creativity and innovation. With the flexibility of WordPress and WooCommerce at our disposal, we were able to unleash our creativity and craft a truly unique and engaging website for YSG Tailors.

To truly capture the essence of their brand, we designed an elegant and visually striking layout that perfectly complemented their tailor-made garments. By incorporating captivating images and interactive elements, we ensured that the website left a lasting impression on visitors, immersing them in the world of YSG Tailors.

But we didn’t stop there! We wanted to enhance the user experience and create an interactive journey for visitors. In addition to the interactive elements, we ensured seamless navigation throughout the website, making it easy for users to explore different collections, learn more about the brand’s story, and access essential information.

By combining our passion for creativity with user engagement and interactive functionality, we delivered a website that not only showcases YSG Tailors’ exceptional clothing but also created a memorable and enjoyable experience for their customers. The revamped website allows YSG Tailors to connect with their audience in a more profound way, boosting customer satisfaction and driving business growth in the competitive world of made to measure suits.


YSG Tailors | Ecommerce Website Redesign
YSG Tailors | Ecommerce Website Redesign