Mandy Mercuri

Logo, Business Card Design & Photography

The Brief

When Mandy, a local mindfulness coach with a genuine love for the breathtaking Mt Dandenong, approached us, we knew we had an exciting project on our hands. She had a fantastic vision for a brand-defining logo that would embody her values and connect deeply with her audience. Mandy’s heart was set on earthy tones and the inclusion of mountains to capture the serene and grounded feel she wanted to convey. As a mindfulness coach, she is all about promoting tranquility, balance, and inner peace, and her logo had to be the perfect invitation for people to embark on a transformative journey of self-awareness and well-being.

What We Did

Working closely with Mandy was an absolute pleasure. Her passion for mindfulness coaching and her admiration for Mt Dandenong inspired us to create a logo that beautifully brought those elements together. We carefully blended earthy tones with the majestic essence of the mountain’s shape, resulting in a logo that radiates a sense of peace and harmony. The mountains symbolize not only the scenic beauty of Mt Dandenong but also the path of inner strength and growth that her coaching offers.

But hey, we didn’t stop there! We were thrilled to provide Mandy with a complete brand experience. We designed and printed her business cards, making sure they perfectly complemented her logo and represented her professionalism in a calming and inviting way. And guess what? We also took some awesome headshots for her, capturing her warm and approachable nature. It was all about showcasing the real Mandy, the mindfulness coach who’s ready to guide you on your journey.

Mandy Mercuri
Mandy Mercuri

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