Website Design & Development

The Brief

The coaching, leadership development, and workshop services offered by insight2impact assist teams and individuals in recognising new opportunities and integrating theory with actual design. insight2impact didn’t have an online presence so a website was required.  The website needed to properly represent the company’s services and ideals while also being simple to access and visually appealing. Additionally, the website needed to be able to draw in new customers and offer a positive user experience.

What We Did

To complete this project, we worked on creating a new website for insight2impact using WordPress and Divi. The goal was to create a website that effectively communicates the company’s services and values and is easy to navigate. The website is visually appealing, easy to navigate, and provides a good user experience. The website is designed to attract new clients and showcase the company’s services, values, and approach. One thing that was integrated that we hadn’t done before was using an interactive map of locations they’ve helped others (on their home page). Overall, we’re very happy with how the project turned out and are excited for the business to show off its new look.

insight2impact Website Mockup
ikDesigns Final Logo