House of Riz

Re-Branding & Packaging Design

The Brief

House of Riz was in need of a fresh, modern image for their Home Made Greek Rice Pudding packaging, so it could sit among the Greek yogurts and drive the rice pudding category forward.

They wanted to change the consumer mindset from Rice Pudding to be perceived from outdated, gluey and tasteless to Rice Pudding being trendy, creamy and delicious.

They came to us for a new, product packaging design.

What We Did

We researched the current market for both rice pudding and yogurt and saw that most of these brands looked the same. We wanted to design something that stood out from the rest, whilst still keeping the Greek branding.

We presented our concepts and began to move forward on one design. The images below show the final product.

We worked closely with DAMA Partners Consulting and House of Riz to come up with designs for two flavours: traditional and passionfruit.