Aeski Lodge

Website Re-Design

The Brief

Aeski Lodge needed a new website to reach out to the community and also serve and support their current clients.

Furthermore, they needed a website that could be easily maintained by a committee member with ease, and without the
need to regularly employ Payneless Media or another website developement agency to make changes to pages.

The old website was out of date in both appearance and adaptability. As most people these days own a tablet or smart phone, it is essential that websites are designed to be responsive, and adapt to different devices and screen sizes. This was a problem for Aeski as their old website was quite difficult to navigate on a mobile device.

What We Did

We rolled-out a complete website re-design using the content management system, Joomla. This will make it easy for Aeski to make adjustments to content on their site, even with no website development knowledge.

The re-designed website is a nice, modern design, something that is easy to navigate and is visually appealing
to potential customers.

We also integrated a file system so that the club members can access any files they need to with ease.