When was the last time you updated your content management system?

When we talk about updating your website, not only are we referring to updating the content on your site but updating and maintaining the website itself – the content management system. You see, your website is built on a framework and this framework needs to be maintained. Many website owners are either not aware they need to update or simply forget to upgrade their CMS version.
There are a few reasons why this is so important, and why we recommend maintaining your website regularly.

A CMS that has not been updated is a security risk.

If the version of your CMS is not kept up-to-date regularly, your website is exposed to security vulnerabilities and is an easy target for hackers. You should take your website security seriously as each update fixes various security flaws that have been exposed in previous versions.

If you are unfortunately stuck with an older version for some reason, then you are leaving yourself wide open to being hacked, and your website could potentially be defaced and there is a chance of every piece of information connected to your website being exposed. In some cases, this could mean user profiles, emails, and other more sensitive information leaked to the public.
We always like to say that prevention is better than a cure, and we think this definitely applies to website security.

Your website should run smoother.

Just as security issues are patched in newer CMS versions, performance issues that were not picked up initially are also improved. As each new version is released, the smoother everything becomes and your website works better as a result. Keeping your content management system up to date gives you the latest features available to your platform.

Your plugins are just as important.

It’s worth mentioning that you should also keep your plugins updated; they too are constantly being improved to fix security bugs and improve features.
We recommend logging into your website admin portal at least once a month to perform regular updates and maintain your website.