Your website is often the first impression people will have of your business, and first impressions count right? So ensuring everything is in working order (links, contact forms, images, payment mechanisms, shopping carts…) is pretty important. Think about how frustrating it is when you visit a website and it takes forever to load or links are broken. 

Your website is like a car, if it isn’t maintained it will break down or will not work properly. Many people believe that after launching their website  it’s time to relax, this is INCORRECT.  In order for your website to function correctly it needs to be maintained on a regular basis.


What is website maintenance?

Website Maintenance is the process of going through your entire website to look for errors and fix them. It also includes updating plugins, updating themes, updating WordPress, uploading content, and making content well-optimized.


What’s included in our maintenance plans?

  • Security audit of your website (and Sucuri Security in our mid & high level plans)
  • Website Hosting and SSL certificate
  • Small website tasks (time included is based off your plan level)
  • A backup of your website is created.
  • Your website is patched and updated. This ensures it remains secure and free of any malicious attacks from hackers and malware.
    It also reduces the risk of outdated plugins conflicting with each other and breaking your website.

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