The beginning of the year is a time of introspection for most business owners. What will the design trends be for this year? Should I implement changes or are we heading in the correct direction? When it comes to the internet, it pays to be contemporary as well as innovative in your design. Creating flashy websites that perform well and accomplish what your customer wants is vital to what we do at Payneless Media. Fortunately for you, we are already looking to the future in an attempt to understand what 2017 holds in terms of website design and implementation. In this article, we will be discussing five website design trends that are going to dominate websites in 2017.

Design Trend 1: Emphasis On The Mobile Platform

As consumers begin to shift their browsing to their mobile devices, it is our responsibility to create a sleek, beautiful, and navigable design. This is because more and more of your customers are purchasing services and items through their mobile devices thus, placing an emphasis on mobile design is one of our top priorities.

Without a sleek, fast, and easy-to-use mobile website, 2017 will be tough on your business. When we create your mobile website, we are focused on creating a minimalist version of your website. This is because the experience will be faster and less complicated for your consumer. By leaving out the overly complicated navigation and details, your user will be able to focus on their intent instead of unimportant details.

Design Trend 2: Emphasize The Content

As website maintainers begin to understand Google’s focus on providing value to their users, they will begin to emphasise the content presented on the website. In the past, many websites focused on creating flashy and beautiful websites in exchange for speed and content. However, as Google optimises their search algorithms, it is becoming clear that they are focused on content and value rather than the beauty of a website. Based on this, the content you provide for your consumer will be of the utmost importance and you should highlight them for Google’s search.

This can be a controversial topic for many website owners. This entails that many of the design features implemented over the years must be deleted and replaced with valuable content. On the other hand, increasing the amount of content you provide for your consumers means they will spend more time on your website. Spending more time on your website will lead towards higher conversion rates. At Payneless Media, we are focused on providing you with a platform to create more leads, this means we will have to divulge inconvenient truths even if you don’t want to hear them.

Design Trend 3: The End of Symmetrical Design

If you search the web, you are likely to find that many websites are beginning to look similar to one another. This is because we have reached the limits of our creative design in the realm of flat design. On the other hand, there is a large reward for those who can correctly exploit the field of asymmetrical design.

Think about it this way, your customer is consistently viewing the same style of materials day in and day out. As they are searching the web for your expertise, they come across your site. Instead of the same web design, they are exposed to a fresh take on what the internet should look like. This will provide two benefits for your business. First, they may recognise the difference in web design, making them remember your website. Second, they will be more willing to take a look around based on the look of the website. Creating a more imaginative experience for your consumer will be one of our highest priorities when designing your website. When we work with a business, we become partners because when you flourish, we do as well.

Design Trend 4: Refining the Landing Page

As we refine the previously mentioned aspects of web design, we also must focus on optimising your landing page. In a purely marketing sense, the landing page is where you will discuss what you services or products you offer. In this sense, we have also created the same content over and over as far as design is concerned. Instead of opting for a long page that slowly discusses what you offer, we think 2017 will focus on a more interactive approach to marketing.

When a customer visits your page, they are looking for valuable information as well as an interactive experience. Interactive does not necessarily mean the flashiest web design. An interactive experience can simply be a landing page that prompts the visitor to explain what they need and direct them to the correct page to buy the service. This will be a large focus on 2017. Along with increasing your conversion rates, it will streamline the experience for the consumer.

Design Trend 5: Creative Typography Design

A handful of websites tend to stick to the same typography through their design. As our main objectives are to distinguish your business and generate more leads, we are focused on providing the eye-catching details that will accomplish these objectives. One method of doing so is by intentionally contrasting size and type of typography present on your website. By creating a colour palette that is both intriguing and beautiful, your visitors will be more likely to remain on your website.

By integrating this method of design, your customer can easily distinguish between the headers and content of your website. This improves ease-of-use, beauty, and speed of the website by not including the taxing transitions that are normally used when the page is loaded on a browser.


Although website design is a creative field, we have our focus on the future. In an attempt to increase your conversion rates, the time you customers remain on your website, and the overall value of your content, we have painstakingly researched the best way to tackle web design in 2017.

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