Given everyone is on social media these days, it’s never been easier to find a picture of someone online.  Snap decisions are made from the images we see on websites and social media. As business professionals, we no longer have the opportunity to make that great first impression in-person.  Just for fun do a Google search of your name, if an image comes up would you want to hire or do business with yourself? Do the images that come up reflect the professional headshots you’d like to convey?

These are the top 4 reasons why you should invest in professional headshots:

Look professional

If you look professional, potential clients, investors, collaborators, etc. that don’t know you personally are going to be more likely to agree to that first meeting with you.

Stand out in a crowd

In today’s competitive world it’s really difficult to stand out. Think about it, if you are doing research on 2 companies and one has images of their team that look like selfies with mismatched backgrounds and the other company has professional headshots, which company looks more professional?

I mean, do you want to work with a company that cannot even invest in professional headshots for their own team? 

It reminds others of who you are

Putting your face with your name helps current and potential clients recall you and your business. 

Can give you credibility

In today’s society we are more visually orientated than ever before. Connecting your name with a face that looks professional, friendly and competent fosters trust.

Professional headshots should be seen as an important investment for your business, and the great thing is you can use the same headshots across multiple channels and social media platforms. 

But where can you use these photos? These are some of the places you can use professional headshots

A professional headshot let’s other know you mean business, and allows others to see that you invest in your business. If you are considering getting some new headshots, or just want to have a chat please feel free to connect with us.