With Christmas fast approaching there is no better time to ensure your website is ready for a potential increase in traffic (especially online shops). Some small tweaks to your website will show both new and existing customers what your business can offer them this Christmas, whilst ultimately improving  visibility on search engines.

Get festive

Make your website look and feel festive. You don’t have to do a complete overhaul, here are a few ideas:

  • add a santa hat to your logo
  • offer a holiday discount code
  • update images with a festive frame
  • Switch to a Christmas-themed hero image
  • add a Christmas themed popup with a Shop Now offer for Christmas related products or services
  • add a holiday themed background

Website navigation

Make it easy for your customers to find your Christmas gifts and offers by creating a dedicated page to promote them. 

Keep it fresh

To ensure you are driving lots of traffic to your site, it’s important to have lots of fresh content, so get busy now organising blog posts in advance!

Make sure to sprinkle some holiday-based keywords throughout your content to boost your content’s visibility in search engines.

Website Speed

Customers want a shopping experience that is fast and seamless.  So ensuring your site loads fast with an increase in traffic is super important. Remember customers are more likely to leave your website if it takes too long to load pages. Prior to the Christmas period make sure you conduct performance tests on your site to ensure optimal performance

Make customers aware of shipping deadlines

If you have an online store let customers know your Christmas shipping deadlines. There is nothing worse than buying a product and then finding out AFTER payment has been made that it will not be delivered for Christmas. 

Don’t forget January and February

January and February are known for being some of the slowest months for sales. Utilising the Christmas rush to upsell these forgotten months is a great way to prepare for this. Reward December customers by offering them discounts in January and February.

Lastly, once this holiday season is over for another year, don’t forget to remove all the festive decorations and offers from your website. 

If you need some support getting Christmas ready, feel free to book a call or send us an email. Happy holidays!