Have you ever heard of the Divi Theme?  With over 2 million active users, it is one of the most popular WordPress themes in the world!

The Divi theme builder was designed and developed by Elegant Themes and comes with over 100 pre-made modules/website layouts that can be easily dragged into your website to give you instant website elements such as image sliders, contact forms, accordions, blurbs, number counters, shops, and so much more.

However it’s not just a WordPress theme, it’s a  complete design framework that allows you to design and customise every part of your website. With this theme, you have full control over everything! Even better, you  don’t need to know any code such as HTML, CSS, or PHP!

Website speed is incredibly important, and in the past Divi has been a little slow compared to other themes.  So we were super excited with the recent speed and performance update.

What are the Divi speed and performance updates?

Dynamic PHP Framework

Most developers know that Divi was a little slow especially if you didn’t have great hosting. It used to load every module in the theme on every single page and post; however now it will ONLY load and process the modules and features you use. 

Dynamic CSS

It will now automatically identify critical CSS, deferring non-critical styles and reducing the Divi Builder’s CSS output by combining duplicate styles. Less CSS, means a much faster load time.

New Divi Performance Options

After updating to Divi 4.10 you’ll notice a new “Performance” tab in the Theme Options where you can easily switch most of these speed enhancements ON or OFF if you find that you are running into any issues

So if you were thinking about doing any updates in the next few weeks to your website PLEASE HOLD OFF.  A  few bugs have been identified with the initial updates, so for the moment sit tight until these bugs are resolved.

If you have any questions about Divi or would like to have a quick chat, please get in touch