As the world of marketing continues to evolve, so does the world of logos. Graphic design and digital marketing are constantly changing, and as such, so are logos and branding. The most successful companies, products, and sports teams have all changed their logos many, many times over the years. If you are a business owner who is just starting out, or if you’ve been in the game for a while, investing in a logo rebrand may be the right move for you. Here are the top 5 signs that it’s time for a new look:

1. Your Logo Just Isn’t Fitting in Anymore

In the olden days of what now feels like the stone age of marketing, your logo had very few requirements to fill. If it looked decent on a letterhead and a street sign, well, that was about all you needed. Nowadays the game has completely changed. Your logo does not only need to look good on paper, how does it look on Facebook? Instagram? Google? From your smartphone screen? Yelp? Bing? The list virtually never ends, and your logo needs to remain appealing on all these diverse platforms. Consulting a graphic designer can help you pick a new look that will appease the eye no matter where it is printed or viewed.

2. You Hate to Admit It, But Your Competition Is Looking Pretty Good

There is absolutely no shame in changing with the times nor changing with the competition. If your competitor’s logo is just, simply, better, it may be time to up your game. People trust things they find attractive, and an attractive logo may be enough to steal a potential client away from you. Look at what exactly the competition is doing better; are there better colours? A better theme? Just overall better design? Take a close look at what you find attractive about their design and make note of it to your graphic designer.

Together, you should be able to find a look that puts you back on top. It also helps to constantly be aware of other brand’s logos. Once you have an eye for branding, you will notice when a company’s logo stands out. Keep a list of these in your phone or on your laptop and give them to your designer for reference when you consult them about a logo rebrand.

3. It Just Doesn’t Capture Your Business Anymore

A company’s culture is just as dynamic as it’s people; constantly changing and growing. If your company culture isn’t represented by your logo any longer, it’s definitely time for a logo rebrand. A good-looking logo is great for branding purposes and will help your staff feel more connected to the company. This is specifically true if their uniforms or work shirts have some kind of logo reference on them. If your workers are annoyed or embarrassed at the prospect of having to wear your logo on a t-shirt, it may be time to readjust. Have a team collaboration and consider your mission as a company, your vision for the future, your current culture, and the overall feel of your business. All these things should be incorporated and represented somehow in a company logo.

4. You’ve Only Got One Version, And You Use It On EVERYTHING

Your logo itself should be dynamic. There should be different versions for different backdrops. Some should look 3D, some should be subtler. Because your logo will be slapped on to thousands of different places and platforms, it is important to have some visual variety to offer. This will help it to look clean, pretty, and relevant wherever your logo finds itself. What you want viewed on your social media should not necessarily be the same as what you want printed on a company t-shirt. If you only have one version of your logo, contact a designer immediately. They will have some ideas on how to diversify what you already have.

This may be a cheaper investment option, as they will not have to completely redesign the logo but rather just give it a facelift of sorts. A professional will know what to do and what exactly you need to make the best with what you’ve got. Tweaking a few colours, adding a subtle background, maybe even making a special anniversary version of your logo are all ways to mix it up and keep things looking fresh without doing a complete logo rebrand overhaul.

5. You Just Don’t Have A Clue About Logo Rebrand

If you have never even thought about your logo before or have no experience in branding, chances are that help from a professional could significantly help your look and in turn, boost your sales. Many companies see a high return on investment when they invest in a new look for their business. Whether you like it or not, digital marketing is the current and as far as we can tell is also the future. If you are not experienced with this, it is important to allocate somebody in your company to keep up with current trends and it is especially important to have a graphic designer on retainer. A graphic designer will know what the latest and greatest logo trends are and will help guide your business to better-branded success through a logo rebrand.

All in all, your logo is your identity. It is who you are, as a company and a business owner. It is the first thing people see and notice about you and it can be the difference between getting a client and losing them to your competition. When in doubt, especially after reading this article, contact a graphic design professional and find out what your logo rebrand options are and more importantly, what they recommend. A new logo can help you stay relevant and in turn, can keep your business booming. If you would like to speak to us about your options, please contact us here.